Divergent Herald of Agony: Path of Exile Build Guide

Divergent Herald of Agony is one of the most popular Path of Exile builds currently making waves in the gaming world. This build is known to be extremely powerful, agile, and adaptable to a variety of situations. In order to master this build, players need to have a deep understanding of the gear requirements, skill gems and links, passive skill tree, and leveling tips. This build is particularly advantageous for players looking for a unique gaming experience that combines strategy, agility, and combat skills. Whether you’re an experienced Path of Exile gamer or just starting out, this build will offer you a thrilling and unique approach to the game that will keep you engaged for hours on end. In this guide, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about the Divergent Herald of Agony build, including its strengths, weaknesses, skill gems and links, passive skill tree and leveling tips. By the end of this guide, you’ll be equipped with all the knowledge you need to master this exciting build and take on any challenge that comes your way. For Path of Exile players looking to get the most out of this game, this guide is an absolute must-read.

Introduction to Herald of Agony: Overview, Strengths and Weaknesses

Welcome to our guide on the popular Herald of Agony build in the acclaimed action role-playing game, Path of Exile. This build employs a powerful skill that summons forth a venomous scorpion that strikes your enemies as they try to close in on you. You’ll find it to be an incredibly fun way to vanquish your foes, and we’re excited to share everything we know about it.

Overall, Herald of Agony is a strong build that does particularly well against bosses. With this build, you sacrifice raw damage output in exchange for defensive benefits. The Herald acts as a powerful damage buffer that absorbs damage while you dish out the pain from a safe distance. Additionally, the Herald’s venomous attacks also apply healing that can keep you alive in extended battles.

One caveat is that the Herald of Agony build is best suited for experienced players who are comfortable managing different mechanics within the game. This is not a build for beginners, as it can require a bit of juggling between different spells and abilities. However, if you’re up for the challenge, you’ll find that this build can take you far in Path of Exile.

With The Herald of Agony, you can enhance your Path of Exile experience in a very interesting and formidable way. It has its strengths and weaknesses, as all builds do, but it rewards skilled play with some of the most satisfying victories in the game. We hope you found this overview helpful and that you’ll consider giving it a try.

Gear Requirements for Herald of Agony Build

The Herald of Agony is a popular build in Path of Exile that relies heavily on gear to maximize its potential. To fully harness the power of this build, you’ll need to invest in the right items. So, what gear requirements should you keep in mind?

First off, prioritize a +1 to socketed gems Bow and make sure to cap your resistances. This will allow you to deal more damage and survive longer in fights. You’ll also want to obtain Maloney’s Nightfall quiver, which not only provides additional damage but also blinds enemies that get hit by your Herald of Agony crawler. Lastly, getting a Cyclopean Coil belt is a game-changer, providing a boost to chaos damage and a life leech that can help keep you alive during heated encounters.

Due to these characteristics, the Herald of Agony build is excellent for Path of Exile players who want to level quickly. With a little bit of gear investment, you can easily reach endgame content and compete with some of the best players out there. The important thing is to focus on the right gear requirements and stick to a solid skill tree strategy. So, get ready to dive into the game and start crafting your perfect Herald of Agony build!

Skill Gems and Links

Are you a fan of Path of Exile? Do you love crafting different builds and taking on new challenges? Then you need to check out the Divergent Herald of Agony build guide! One of the most crucial aspects of this build is the use of Skill Gems and Links.

If you’re unfamiliar with Skill Gems and Links, don’t worry! It’s a simple concept. Skill Gems are items that you can use to give your character new skills. And, when you add Links to those Skill Gems, it increases their power and allows you to modify them further by adding support gems. So, for the Divergent Herald of Agony build, you’ll want to focus on using Skill Gems and Links that complement your playstyle and boost your damage output.

Additionally, it’s important to keep in mind that Skill Gems have different colors. These colors correspond to attributes such as Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence. So, when selecting Skill Gems to link together, you’ll want to make sure their colors match up with the sockets in your armor.

With a solid understanding of Skill Gems and Links, you can build a formidable character and take on even the most challenging content in Path of Exile. So, grab your gear and get ready to try out the Divergent Herald of Agony build guide!

Passive Skill Tree

Have you ever heard of the passive skill tree in Path of Exile? It’s an intricate web of more than a thousand nodes that can be used to upgrade your character’s abilities and damage output. The best part? It’s entirely customizable, allowing you to create a character tailored to your playstyle. With a little bit of time and planning, you can create a character that excels in one area while still being a force to be reckoned with in others.

One build that has gained a lot of popularity recently is the Divergent Herald of Agony build. This build utilizes the Herald of Agony skill, which summons a poisonous scorpion to aid you in battle. The Divergent version of the skill, which can be obtained through various means, allows the scorpion to deal more damage and poison enemies more easily. By pairing this skill with a variety of passives that increase attack speed, damage, and survivability, you can create a character that thrives in both solo and group play.

Don’t let the size of the passive skill tree intimidate you. With a little bit of planning and experimentation, you can create a character that’s both fun to play and effective in combat. Whether you choose to follow the Divergent Herald of Agony build or create your own unique build, the possibilities are endless. So grab your gear, dive into the world of Path of Exile, and start experimenting with the passive skill tree today.

Leveling Tips

Are you tired of constantly dying in Path of Exile? Do you find yourself stuck on a certain level with no end in sight? Fear not, we have some helpful leveling tips that will make your journey in this game much smoother.

Firstly, don’t hesitate to spend some time grinding in lower level areas. This may seem like a waste of time, but the extra experience and loot will benefit you in the long run. Secondly, make use of the side quests and bounties that are available. They may not seem like much, but they add up and can provide a significant boost to your leveling progress.

Another tip is to focus on upgrading your gear. This may require some farming, but having better weapons and armor will make you much more effective in battle. Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask for help! The PoE community is known for being helpful and supportive, so reach out and see if anyone can offer you some guidance.

Divergent Herald of Agony: Path of Exile Build Guide

Now, let’s talk about the Divergent Herald of Agony build in Path of Exile. This build focuses on maximizing the damage output of the Herald of Agony skill, while also providing a durable and sustainable character. By using the right combination of items and skills, this build can take on even the toughest enemies with ease.

One of the key elements of this build is the use of the Herald of Agony skill gem. The gem creates a minion that deals damage over time and can stack up to 40 times. By focusing on increasing the minion’s damage output and duration, you can create a devastating force that can take down even the toughest of foes.

In addition to the Herald of Agony, this build also utilizes a variety of other skills and items that work together to create a well-rounded character. The use of damage over time skills, as well as defensive buffs and regen, make this build very survivable in tough battles. With proper gear and skill allocation, this build can take on even the toughest endgame content.

Players looking to create a powerful, durable character that can face any challenge should consider the Divergent Herald of Agony build in Path of Exile. With the right combination of items and skills, this build can be optimized to fit any playstyle and will provide countless hours of fun and satisfaction.

Best Enchantments for Herald of Agony Build

If you’re looking to create a powerful Herald of Agony build in Path of Exile, choosing the right enchantments can make all the difference. Whether you’re in need of additional damage, defense, or speed, there are a few standout options to consider. Here, we’ll explore some of the best enchantments for a strong Herald of Agony build.

One popular enchantment to consider is the addition of Chaos damage to your attacks. The Watcher’s Eye jewel can also provide an extra layer of damage through the “Added Chaos Damage while affected by Herald of Agony” modifier. Another great option is the addition of increased movement speed, which can help keep you mobile during combat.

For increased survivability, look to enchantments that add extra block chance or spell block chance. A Shaper helmet with “Nearby Enemies take 9% increased Physical Damage” is another great option for both offense and defense. Additionally, enchantments that increase grants immunity to elemental effects can be incredibly helpful in tough battles.

It is possible to take your Herald of Agony build from good to great by selecting the right enchantments. Experiment with different combinations and find what works best for your playstyle. With the right setup, you’ll be unstoppable in Path of Exile.


The Divergent Herald of Agony build in Path of Exile has the potential to change the game for any player. The ability to summon and control poisonous minions gives players a significant advantage. It’s a fascinating build that pushes boundaries and challenges the conventions of traditional gameplay mechanics. For players looking to level up their game, this build guide is a valuable resource that offers a fresh perspective and plenty of thought-provoking ideas. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned player, incorporating the Divergent Herald of Agony into your build is an experience you won’t want to miss. So why not dive into the world of Path of Exile and give it a try? You never know what you might discover.

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